Personalised Learning Checklists

Not to be confused with ‘Professional Learning Communities’

All forms of personalised learning have clear learning objectives as their backbone.  Checklists of these learning objectives allow you to keep track of the different rates and depths of learning taking place.  The challenge is to make sure that the learners themselves play the greatest part in their management, otherwise you become a box ticker rather than a teacher.

Here is an example

PLC snipThe checklists are written in language that the learners will understand and give them options to grade themselves.

Often these will be based on how well they have understood such as  RAG (Red Amber Green) or how often they have mastered it

I created the acronym RESULTS for PLCs as I have found the learners tend to remember the word and use it.

Given that PLCs are so critical to effective personalisation I have devoted a number of pages in this section to them, how they are constructed and used.  Please use the menus at the top of the page to navigate to these.


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