Levels 1-3

I have grouped levels 1,2 and 3 together because they can all be done without any prior preparation before the project began. Levels 1 and 2 can be done without any reference to others, level 3 requires some feedback from students.

Level 1 – Basic

Often we are so busy with day to day activities that we can fail to just take the time to ask ourselves some of the following questions.

  • Will I use this project again?
  • What did I learn about this project?
  • What would I improve for next time?
  • What I do differently?
  • What were the worst elements?
  • What were the best elements?
  • Which students particularly benefitted from this approach?

Level 2 – Single Loop Evaluation

All of the question in level 1 plus there is a need to link back to the original intention such as  …

  • Did you think about what success would look like before you started the project?  Did this success happen? Was it work better or worse than you predicted?  Why was this do you think?
  • What positive things came from the project that were not part of the original plan?
  • Did the project stray away from the original focus?  In what ways and why did this happen?

Level 3 – Double Loop Evaluation

All of the question in level 1 and 2 plus asking some or all of these questions to the students who took part in the project or lesson.  There are a few simple ways of doing this.

  • Survey Monkey is a free web service that allows students to vote online
  • Class voting systems are a controlled way of getting feedback
  • Simply asking the questions of the class and holding an open discussion
  • Telling students you are planning to do this same project next year or with a different group and ask them for help in how you could improve it for next time.

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