Level 4 PLC

Level 4 and above can only be done if the mechanisms have been set up BEFORE you started your project.  Clearly, if you have followed this plan through from step 1 you will moved straight into implementing projects so it will be the second time through the cycle that you will be able to improve the evaluation process above levels 1-3.

Step by step for setting up collaborative evaluation

Assuming you have followed the core aims process and have worked together to agree a teacher ladder so that a number of teachers will be planning a project at the same time and towards the same core aims

1.  Either formally or informally form a group of ideally 4 teachers, this group will be referred to as your PLC – Professional Learning Community.  You need to agree a regular meeting time, once a week, fortnight or month is fine.  You also need to agree that you will share the details of your projects and keep your meetings focussed positively on these projects.  This process is further explained in the workshop I produced for the Microsoft Partners in Learning Programme

2.  Meet up BEFORE any of your team have started your project and have an open discussion about what you hope will be the impact of your project.  Invite feedback so that you are all confident that predictions are shared.

3.  Meet at least once DURING your projects so that there is chance for engagement and last minute changing

4.  Do your personal evaluation of your project AFTER you have done it and collect together the feedback your students gave you.  Using this information, produce a presentation for your PLC so that you can give them your assessemnt of how well your project works.

5. Meet as a PLC to share your evaluations and invite feedback and discussion.

This evaluation process is highly effective mainly because it encourages discussion and verbalising the impact of projects.


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