6. Repeat

Brief – It was vital to get started rapidly and evaluate success. Significant change in culture occurs over time.and as knowledge improves the school needs to start providing clearer links to a bigger picture.  The big picture gets bigger as the school becomes more confident in its ability to act together on a problem.  This page gives links to possible big pictures to consider.

In Step 1 you agreed on 3 core aims or ‘pillars’ that will determine the direction and vision of your school / classroom / district.

In Step 2 you checked that these 3 core aims could be applied to all aspects of your school and you defined a vision or examples of approaches you might take to make the core aims reality.

In Step 3 you ensured that at least ALL staff and possibly other stakeholders also, began contributing directly to the core aims

In Step 4 you evaluated progress.

It is possible that you may repeat steps 1-3 numerous times before grappling with the bigger picture.

I have begun to compile examples of big ideas at www.reordereducation.com


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